Am I really going to Review Bleachers?

What to Look for in Tip and Roll Bleachers

Why buy a Tip and Roll Bleacher?

Tip and Roll Bleachers are great for small and midsize gymnasiums where you need to use every bit of space available. They are perfect for recreational basketball courts that are also used for other purposes.  Take for example a church gymnasium or recreation center that holds basketball games/tournaments, but also is used for volleyball leagues, holiday events, lunches, etc etc.  The best way to allow spectators to watch the game is on bleachers.  The problem is you don’t want stationary bleachers that are hard to move.  Your best choice is Tip N’ Roll.

Can I move a Tip N’ Roll Bleacher by Myself?

Yes.  Absolutely, if you get the right tip and roll bleacher you can move it by yourself without causing too much damage to your back or body.  The question is, which Tip n roll bleachers allow for a one person move.  CHECK OUT the Tip and Roll Bleachers that we have reviewed here.  All of them can be moved by one person.

This is important, because in most gyms where tip and roll bleachers are necessary, there is usually only one person cleaning up when everyone leaves.  You may not have the convenience of motorized roll in bleachers.  You want to make sure your tip and roll bleachers can be moved alone.  Because, unfortunately, sometimes you will be alone.


Are their Colorful Tip and Roll Bleachers?

Yes there are.  You don’t always have to go with the silver aluminum look.  Maybe you want a set of bleachers that has a color that matches your school colors?  Check Here.  There are more colors than one available.

Three Rows or Four Rows?

That’s a question that I cannot answer for you, other than to say that if you have the space go with 4 rows that sits 40.  Check the measurements of your gym versus the measurements of the bleacher set and choose the one that will give you the most seats for your limited space.

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